MyLynx is coming soon

A brand-new, Tezos-focused personal link page, designed to elevate your digital presence in the cryptocurrency age.

Participate in the Beta:

This is your chance to be among the first to experience a customizable link-sharing platform tailored for the Tezos community.

Beta access requires :

  • MyLynx MyPass NFT (coming soon) - The KEY to your MyLynx account
  • Mailchain account

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Why MyLynx?

MyLynx merges the utility of link sharing with the vibrant world of Tezos NFTs, offering a platform where users can showcase their digital collections, connect with the community, and share their crypto-related projects with ease.

Customizable NFT Galleries

Display your NFT collections in unique, personalized galleries integrated directly from Tezos marketplaces.

Dynamic Crypto Widgets

Stay updated with the latest market trends with live crypto widgets tailored to the Tezos ecosystem.

Seamless Wallet Integration

Connect your Tezos wallet for a streamlined experience, enabling donations and transactions directly through your MyLynx page.

Community-Driven Features

Participate in the development of MyLynx by contributing ideas and feedback, shaping the platform to better serve the Tezos community.